Winter Wedding Tips For Photographers

Winter Wedding Tips For Photographers

Photographers have more responsibility then just taking great photographs. A good photographer should offer extra tips and tricks for their clients. There are many things that people might not naturally keep in mind; after all, their brain might be clouded with excitement for the big day! When the weather cools down, here are our best tips to offer your clients right before the photography session — even if they aren’t related to photography.


Winter weddings can often be lost in a sea of white, so use bright and vibrant flowers that really stand out in the photos. They’ll contrast with the snow, and look gorgeous on any landscape. For brides, wear a bright colored cover or jacket over your wedding dress to separate you from the elements.


As mentioned above, have a jacket or a coat on your wedding day for any shots outside. You’ll want to stay warm and comfortable, it will look completely elegant, and goosebumps, well, that’s a memory that doesn’t need to be captured! White gloves, ear muffs, and a pretty scarf can also complement the outfit (on the groom and the bride!)


If you want some shots in the snow–it is a winter wedding, after all, choose a cute pair of boots and make sure they are hidden under your dress. Men should keep a polishing kit close by for muddy and wet weather, so indoors their shoes will shine.


If your wedding dress is long, there is no reason not to wear leggings or thick tights under your long dress. If you’re dress is shorter, complement it with a matching pear, some cute boots and, for a little fun, some leg warmers!


Indoor photography sessions can be fun, especially with the right props and dramatic lighting. Consider having one outside and one inside, as well, especially in areas with beautiful backdrops, huge windows, and more!


Think muffs, steaming mugs of hot cocoa, decorating a Christmas tree, snacking on the wedding cake, going to a local ski resort, and having a snowball fight. Balance romance with fun, beauty with whimsy, and capture every moment on your big day.


If it is really snowy and icy, consider having the photos, ceremony, and reception at the same (or very close by) location so travelling is not an issue. Valet is also a nice touch.


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