Top Reasons to Install a GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS vehicle trackers do precisely what they say on the tin – they “track” a vehicle and provide data on its location, whether this is in real time or in the form of a “recording” of information that can be accessed later. There are lots of reasons why people are installing vehicle trackers these days. Which one of the below reasons appeals to you?

Location is everything

They do this by using the same technology that allows you to follow the directions of a sat-nav via GPS and it is this Global Positioning System technology which uses a network of satellites to pinpoint the location of a vehicle so it can be monitored. 

How they work

Trackers are portable devices that are installed with an advanced motion sensor which alerts the owner to any illegal activity and movement connected to the vehicle to which it is fitted. Once alerted and reported; the tracker begins recording the activity and movement with a secure control centre and in the event of a theft, for instance, will liaise with the police until the vehicle is located and recovered. 

What they do

As well as providing the location of a vehicle, trackers can also supply information on time, vehicle speed and direction depending on the specific features an individual tracker offers. Naturally, this wealth of data can be used not only to track and locate a car in the event of it being stolen, but also to keep tabs on a fleet vehicle or a car that is perhaps being driven by a teenager you want to keep an eye on!

So whether you are thinking about installing a tracker to gain peace of mind over a personal, family or business asset, here are the top reasons to install a GPS tracker to any vehicle:-

1.     Improve vehicle security

GPS vehicle trackers act as a deterrent as well as a solution to recovering a vehicle in the event of theft.

2.     Decrease cost of insurance premiums

Insurance costs are calculated on risk; hence anything you can to reduce the risk of a vehicle being stolen will naturally reduce the cost of insuring that vehicle.

3.     Monitor the behaviour of a teenage driver

A teen (naturally knowing everything!) will be likely to scoff at the suggestion that their driving needs to be monitored, but a way to win the argument – especially if it is coming out of their pocket – may be to explain that their insurance cost will go down! It is a fact that a high proportion of accidents involve young drivers so anything that can help you monitor teen driving and improve their technique can only improve your peace of mind for their safety and the security of the car – especially if it is yours they are driving!

4.     Improving fleet delivery times

Fitting a tracker is an invaluable way of providing the data and analytics often required to improve fleet efficiency. Primarily, trackers were used in the past not only to improve security but also to help map and route each driver effectively in terms of cost and time as well as keeping an eye on their behaviour! However, with technology improving all the time, trackers can now even measure the performance and efficiency of a vehicle as well as the person in charge of it!

5.     Locate a vehicle if stolen

And perhaps the best-known reason of all to fit a tracker is to provide the vehicle location in the event of theft but as you can see from the above; a tracker can provide an all-round solution to a wealth of owner and vehicle needs.


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