The Best Scents for Staying Calm

For many people, it’s an incredibly stressful and strange time to be living in. Adjusting to being at home all the time can be difficult and many have been forced to give up work or try to adopt a home working environment. Whenever you are feeling stressed or even down, it’s important to remember that sometimes the little things can help you feel a bit better.

Scents can have a huge impact on your mood, whether it’s through perfume or candles. The right scent can have a very calming effect, helping you to feel a little more relaxed as we all try to navigate through these difficult times.

Choose a perfume with one of these scents and spritz yourself at the beginning of each day, or light a candle safely in the corner of the room. You might be surprised at the effect it can have.


Lavender has often been a popular scent for helping people sleep. For this reason, it is a great choice if you are trying to reduce stress and tension. Research has shown that the scent of lavender can have incredible calming effects, whether it is used in a bubble bath or sprayed on your pillow. 

With an earthy, floral scent and the soothing image of lilac that it conjures up, lavender is used in both women’s perfume and men’s aftershave. Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male uses lavender alongside mint, bergamot and vanilla for a fresh, aromatic scent.

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Similarly, jasmine can have an anti-anxiety effect thanks to its aromatic and sweet smell. Its exotic, natural scent can calm the nerves, conjuring up images of beautiful, blooming gardens.

For a perfect example of jasmine used in a perfume, Gucci Bloom offers a rich, floral scent with jasmine and tuberose. Creating a green, petal scent, its close association with nature can have a truly calming effect.

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Ylang ylang

Studies have shown that ylang ylang can also have calming properties. It is native to South Asia and has a fragrant, sweet smell. The scent can be heavy, allowing it to take over the senses with stress-relieving and mood-elevating effects.

Ylang ylang is used in many oriental-inspired perfumes, such as Samsara by Guerlain. Ylang ylang works perfectly here, in harmony with peach, bergamot and sandalwood for a combination of strength and delicacy.  

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Citrus notes 

Citrus notes, such as lemon, grapefruit and orange, are often associated with invigorating the senses. They can produce a calming effect thanks to an incredibly fresh scent, as well as lifting your mood.
You will find citrus notes in a huge variety of perfumes and aftershaves, as they are very versatile and can blend perfectly with notes from other fragrance families. L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme utilises Mandarin orange, lemon and bergamot perfectly for a fresh and clean scent to promote relaxation.


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