Photo Prop Tips from Susan Day Moore

Photo Prop Tips from Susan Day Moore

Susan Day Moore of Wicker By Design offers tips learned from her over 15 years of experience of working with portrait photographers. Click to learn more about Wicker By Design. Rubberized shelf liner can be an extremely useful tool for preventing slipping of babies, children, cushions etc. Just put a small piece under the baby’s bottom and they will not slip! We supply this prop accessory (in appropriate colors) as part of the package for two products, the Baby Round Back Chair and the Adult Fainting Couch.

There are several options on how to set up our wicker, metal or willow swings.  Click here for guidance on how hang the swings or for alternatives usage ideas. Slipcovers for the Backstand Chairs and Christening Bench can be used to create a “Old Masters” look without the expense of buying an upholstered piece of furniture. Our slipcovers come in moss green, brick red and ivory for the Backstand Chairs (all sizes) and the moss green and brick for the Christening Bench.

Many local (North Carolina and Virginia) photographers take advantage of our 10% discount on purchases in our warehouse. A number of our wicker props have metal in the frame, thereby giving extraordinary strength and durability beyond other wicker products sold to photographers. The Adult Fainting Couch is so strong that it easily holds 400 pounds.

Tulle and netting (available at fabric stores or bridal shops) are often used by photographers to soften or accent one of our props. Wicker furniture props from Wicker By Design are made to last. However, damage can always occur. Click here here for tips on care of your wicker, advice on simple repair and other wicker resources. Sand bags are sometimes used to add weight with the 18? Backstand Chair to prevent the toddler from tipping it over. Place the sandbag under the seat on the braces.

Our Beanbag Baby Poser is our most popular posing prop. It can be used for newborns and older babies. We always supply a Baby Poser instruction sheet with each poser. Click here for tips on using this prop. The Beanbag Baby Poser cannot be washed and needs to have a cover to protect it from dirt and baby “accidents.” We will soon be selling a wrap around cover that can be easily washed.

The pillow liner is an affordable, yet very useful accessory for the Baby Basket the Baby Carriage . The liner is a quick, easy way to boost the baby without the trouble of multiple pillows and fabric. The liner is available in white, walnut/brown or tan/ivory. Some of our pieces are exceptionally “road worthy.” For example, school, day care and pre-school photographers often use the following props on the road.


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