Perfecting flash: Handy tips for those picture-perfect photos

Perfecting flash: Handy tips for those picture-perfect photos

Capturing the right picture at the right time is a challenge for every photographer. It is always not so easy to understand all the details which go along with photography. However, there is no silver bullet to make a professional picture. It takes a lot of effort and experience in clicking the right image. If you are fresh to the field, you have to know that there are few things that will significantly improve the quality of the picture without putting much effort. So, here are some handy tips which can help you in getting picture-perfect photos:

  • Balance your shot using gridlines: One of the best ways to improve your skills is by turning on the gridlines. These lines are based on the “rule of thirds,” which is a photo composition principle which says that an image has to be broken down in thirds so that you have nine parts in total. Using these gridlines will make sure that the photo is well-balanced and also makes the picture look more natural.
  • Set the focus: Cameras nowadays can automatically focus the foreground of the frame. However, not every picture has a distinct subject. You can focus your camera manually to the required point and click the photo. Lock the focus on the object if it is moving so that the camera can take a clear picture. Also, make sure that you are focusing on one subject. Take your own time in setting up the shot. You can optimize the screen according to your needs and take the picture accordingly. By focusing on a single subject, the lighting will be optimized automatically, and the photo will be sharp. Once the image is taken, there are a lot of applications which can make the picture look better.
  • Clinch the negative space: Negative space here refers to the areas around and between the subject of the image. These spaces can take the photo from good to great. This has become famous for the photoshoots depicting lifestyle photography. Whenever you include a lot of space in your gallery, the subject will stand out more and become more transparent and also trigger a stronger reaction with the viewer. Negative spaces can be the vast sky, empty field, or an open wall a well.
  • Find out different possible perspectives: By taking photos from a unique and different angle, they can become more memorable. Clicking pictures this way can create an illusion of depth with the subject in the picture. The image will also stand out. Take the picture directing the lens upwards and using the sky as negative space. The whole perspective will differ, and the photos will look different. 
  • Make use of the reflections: There is always something peaceful about seeing something reflected in a body of water. Our eyes are drawn towards reflections involuntarily. Hence, look for more opportunities to play with them in pictures. There are a lot of places to find reflections such as puddles, large bodies of water, glasses, and more. 
  • Look for symmetry: Symmetry in photography can be defined as a sense of proportion and balance in the surroundings. Any symmetrically balanced picture will be amazingly pleasing to the eye. This is also one of the simplest ways to compose the right photo. Creating a symmetric image is creating a model which can be divided into two parts, which are mirror images of each other. You can even use the gridlines to align everything perfectly.
  • Be mindful of repetitive patterns: Repetitive patterns are also natural to the eye. These appear when active graphic elements such as colonies or food items are repeated again and again. These patterns can make a powerful visual impact. This is the main reason why food photography has become so much popular on social media. 

Avoid zooming in: Whenever you take a picture from a certain distance, it might be tempting to zoom in to something which you are trying to capture. However, please do not zoom in. By zooming in, the picture can become pixelated. Instead of zooming in, you can try getting closer to the subject. This way, you will not be compromising on quality.


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