Orchestrating the Perfect Moments at your Wedding to Capture Moments of a Lifetime

Orchestrating the Perfect Moments at your Wedding to Capture Moments of a Lifetime

Weddings are a celebration of love and the big finale of what is sometimes years of build-up and excitement, when two people come together in front of their family and friends to celebrate their love. A lot of time and effort goes into organising a wedding and there are lots of different things to consider when wedding planning. It’s important to make sure that you have every aspect planned in advance and have things in place to make sure that you capture all the important little moments throughout the day. To make things easier for you we have put together some ideas to help you to make sure you have everything covered.

There will be plenty of exciting once in a lifetime moments that will happen throughout your wedding day so you will want to make sure that you capture all of them. This is where your wedding suppliers will come in and really show their experience and skills. They will help to not only create those special moments by creating the perfect ambience but also by physically capturing it by taking photographs and videos.


A photographer is one of the most sought after suppliers for a wedding day and for many people this will be one of the first things they book, along with the venue so you will want to make sure that you choose someone who not only has a fantastic portfolio but someone you get on well with and are at ease with. It’s important to have a photographer who you can be comfortable around as they will be capturing your official wedding photographs so you will want them to appear natural and not staged. It’s a good idea to get your photographer to take photos of people throughout the day when they are not aware too, as this will really capture those important moments that you may miss yourselves.

Another thing that’s important to consider when choosing your wedding photographer is to look at the style of photographs that they take. There are many different styles out there from modern to more traditional. Find someone who suits your personalities. There have been many developments in photography recently which will benefit and enhance your day. For example, one thing that has become increasingly popular is drones which can be used to take aerial photographs of you and your guests. They can also be used to take photographs of your venue from above and make creative images of your day.

Musicians – Walk down the aisle, first dance

Music is sometimes forgotten about or left to the last minute by some people who don’t consider it to be as important as other larger things such as the venue or dress, however music really is one  of the most important parts of your day as it creates the ambience and sets the tone.  The brides walk down the aisle is the main event when it comes to the wedding day, so you will want to make sure that this moment is perfect and the music plays a big part in this. Make sure you choose a supplier who is experienced and professional, also make sure that you choose a musician who plays the style of music you both love. Make sure you meet with your musician before the wedding day to talk through your own personal song choices that you want played and when. Make sure that you choose music that is personal to you both as a couple to make sure that it’s perfect for you both.

Another very special moment is your first dance that will take place in the evening and is the first dance that you have together as a married couple. Again, you will want to ensure that this moment is really personal to you both. There is the option to have either live music or recorded music played, just make sure that it’s what you both want.


Second to a photographer is a videographer who has a very important job of capturing all those once in a lifetime moments throughout the day. They will be responsible for filming the brides walk down the aisle, the guests mingling throughout the day and those very important speeches after the wedding breakfast.  Choosing a videographer who makes you feel at ease is important as they will be capturing every aspect of your day. It’s important to meet with them before your wedding day so you can go through what parts are important to you and what moments you want to be captured and how. Having a wedding video created is so special and will allow you to watch back all those special memories for years to come.


A photo booth is a great investment to make as part of your evening entertainment and is a great way to capture funny & memorable photos of your guests! Many photo booths come with props as well and you can print a second copy of each photograph. These could be stuck in a book next to the booth with a pen so that your guests can write their own messages to you both. This is a great keepsake and a perfect way to capture unfiltered, natural photos of your guests.

Disposable cameras

Another fantastic idea of capturing moments during the day is to provide your guests with disposable cameras which are a fun way of capturing special moments of your day from your guest’s perspectives. They will not only make a fun addition to your day but capture moments that your official photographer won’t be able to.


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