How to Get Creative with Drone Photography?

How to Get Creative with Drone Photography?

When it comes to aerial photography, drone photography stands out for the right reasons. And moreover, with drones and quadcopters becoming more inexpensive by the day, you can now purchase a good drone and take some outstanding shots. But before that, you may want to check out these tips and suggestions on drone photography and how to get those awesome shots with the same. You may want to check them out,

  • Research: When it comes to taking some awesome shots with your drone, you may first need to do some basic research. The fact is that certain countries have rules and regulations in place regarding drone flying. For example, air traffic of any sort is strictly forbidden over military bases and certain sensitive installations. So that’s something you need to check out and furthermore, you would be allowed to fly your drone only in select locations such as parks. Once you have checked out the local laws and restrictions, you would need to plan your shots. You need to choose the optimal time for your drone flying so that you have adequate natural light for some of those awesome shots.  For more tips on aerial photography, you may want to search online for aerial photography in UK
  • Limited Time: Flying a drone is fun, that’s granted but you still need to remember that your drone can only fly as long as it has the requisite juice. In other words, the batteries set a cap on how long your drone can be up in the air. So you need to make the flight time count. Your total flight time, from lift-off to landing back again can be as much as an hr or so, depending on the model you operate. You would have, a 15-minute window or even less, for getting your drone into position so that you can shoot some spectacular shots. You may also want to Google drone services in UK which should help list out all the drone repair and service centres in and around your location – just in case your drone develops an issue
  • Test the Altitude and Range: Given that there are various drone models in the market and depending on the ones you had purchased, the limits of the done would vary. So you need to test the limits of your drone, as in that you should check out the altitude and range of your drone. This would enable you to get a good idea as to figure out the sort of shots you can take with your drone and how much flight time would be required for that perfect ‘shot’.
  • Unique Shots: You may want to take a look at some of the drone photos that are available online. Most would be on sandy beaches, panoramic views of the coastline etc. These are shots that had already been perfected by others. You may want to go in for unique shots, with creative composition to make yours stand-out such as taking a bird’s eye view of sunrise or a view of the local cliff up close and personal. The point is that with this drone, you have unlimited freedom to take some creative photography, so utilize the same.
  • Laws and Regulations: You must follow all the local laws and regulations as they apply to drones and quadcopters. You must adhere to the same since breaking it could see your drone being confiscated and you could end up heavily fined as a result. And remember that flying your drone may also create slight noise pollution as your drone would emit a certain humming noise. Essentially that means that you cannot fly your drone in quiet zones such as hospitals, schools etc.

These are some of the essential tips that you would need to keep in mind when it comes to taking some outstanding pictures with your drone. And before you set out to take these shots, remember to log in a lot of flight hours, so that you have the practice you need to operate your drone skillfully.



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