Fuji Reala Film Photographs Sampler

Fuji Reala Film Photographs Sampler

Spotted on the street in central London; Reala in a Pentax ESII

Fuji Reala 100 was a print film made by Fujifilm, a film similar to its Superia 100 film but aimed at a pro market. It was a perfect film for sunny weather and summer travel, low in grain and with bright but not too saturated colours. Fujifilm, in their wisdom, decided to retire it – in 35mm in 2010, and this year in 120 format. There’s still a few bricks of Reala to be had off eBay; as it’s a slow-speed film it takes a lot longer for the film to lose its contrast. It’s worth picking some up while you still can.

One of the first times I used Reala was to shoot US singer/songwriter Josh Rouse‘s publicity pics for his 2006 album Subtitulo shooting in a south London studio. Reala works really well with studio lights, but using the natural light streaming in from a window allowed me to shoot handheld on a big and bulky Kiev 60 medium format camera brought a cooler, clearer look some of the pics.. Reala’s not a portrait film like Kodak’s Portra range, but it does do good job in making sure the reds tones in skin don’t become overpowering. You can see a load of great portraits taken on Reala by other photographers here.

Natural light portrait of Josh Rouse from the Subtitlo session, shot on a Kiev 60

Reala comes into its own in strong sun and with lenses that boost contrast. It’s a perfect film for Lomo cameras, as some of the pics below, taken on the Lomo LC-Wide, might show.

  • See more Fuji Reala pictures on my Flickr.
  • Royal Wedding grafitti on the London South Bank
  • Greenwich Market blur, taken on a Praktica MTL 50
  • Sleeping lion in London’s Highgate Cemetary, shot on a Lomo LC-Wide
  • Summer in the City of London, shot on a Lomo LC-Wide
  • Sleeping in the shade on Croatia’s Mljet island
  • My old flatmate Dave in a a cafe in Qeen’s Park, north London



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