Darkershadesofbrown Photography In Scranton, PA – Inspired Bride

Darkershadesofbrown Photography In Scranton, PA – Inspired Bride

I often begin a wedding consultation here at Darkershadesofbrown studio in Scranton talking about my philosophy behind my photography and what will happen during your engagement pictures. I think the way I get the images I do has less to do with my ability to use a camera and more with my ability to make people comfortable with the idea of being photographed. I believe photography is an art and is completely subjective so when people hire me it is because they have connected with my work in some way. With that being said your engagement photos are about you, it’s not about your outfits, or exactly how you are standing. When you meet with me, I will ask you about your relationship. I will ask you to describe how you met or how he proposed, or some embarrassing story that will surely break the ice. When you hear the camera clicking, flirt with each other and I mean flirt! Focus every ounce of your energy on the person sitting next to you … the one you are committing your life to. I really try my best to take myself out of your pictures. Spend the session telling your future hubby or wife that you love them, whether through a look in your eye, your smile, or simply by resting your head on their shoulder. These are the moments you want captured; the moments that when frozen in an image tell the story of your love, your lives, and your enthusiasm for sharing the rest of your life with the one person who wants all the same things in life as you.

People often will say things to me like “I really wish I knew that couple I saw on your blog. I would totally hang out with them.” When I hear things like that I know I have done my job, but let me tell you somethinG. I don’t get the images I do with some crazy knowledge of how to use my camera. I often find my camera just happens to be there after the work I do making people comfortable with the idea of being photographed has been done. I don’t photograph subjects. I photograph the way they make me feel. Admittedly, it’s a bit of a strange concept. But it’s honest – and it’s the best way to describe my approach to the craft. I wrestle with every image I shoot. I assume perfection is possible and I want to wring it out of every picture. If that’s all you ever know about me, it’s enough to say you know me very, very well. After you see these pictures today I placed some reviews that were given to us this week by a few people in these very pictures. Photography by Darkershadesofbrown is art. They captured special moments in a way to make then timeless. Daniel’s images are crisp and tell a story. It’s what you want. Someone who can capture a moment that happens so quickly in a photograph that will be timeless. Anyone can take a picture but it takes talent to compose it in such a flattering way that it produces a flutter of emotion every time you see that image. Daniel did just that for our wedding and engagement photos.

Daniel has a gift of not just taking pictures, but building relationships with his clients. This is key for everyone to be comfortable since the photographer is with you about 12 hrs that day. He works seamlessly around you during the event and manages to capture amazing moments. Photography was of the three things that had to be perfect for our wedding. No compromise. I looked at about 100 websites/vendors and interviewed 10 photographers. And when I thought I had the one, I met Daniel. Central park flowers (Olyphant, PA) recommended I take a look. At this point, I had seen thousands of photos and knew what style I was going for. Daniel was perfect. The art that Darkershadesofbrown is worth the price which is competitive to other photography companies. I actually had them travel for our wedding in Boston (from Clarks Summit, PA). I found their quality of photos, customer service, and value was better than the vendors in Boston. We hope to continue having Daniel capture our special moments for years to come despite where life takes us. He engaged us in the process of planning our wedding and the quality of his customer service leads his us to stick around for more.


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