5 Best Tips to a Housefull Hotel in All Seasons

5 Best Tips to a Housefull Hotel in All Seasons

Hospitality business is full of ups and downs. It is always dependent on the loyalty and testimonials of clients. Apart from impeccable service of course. Hotel business is no different. However, in the modern-day world, the buck does not stop there. You are to delve deeper to gain more – gone are the days of print media and TV advertising, or even radio jingles. These have moved over to pave way for more modern ways of marketing.

So, you have designed a wonderful property and have ensured impeccable maintenance and service. You have also remembered to include perks and luxurious facilities. But this does not promise you booming business at all times. To reach out to your prospective clientele, to make them think of you when they need a hotel, you have to engage in marketing tactics.

Some marketing tricks that never fail to attract guests to a hotel

Just welcoming your guests with a smile or providing good services isn’t enough to grow a business. A good amount of investment in some marketing ideas is important to give your hotel a good publicity. Here are some easy marketing ideas that can help you get lots of business for your hotel.

1.  Photoshoots — The one thing that lets the world know how your hotel looks are pictures! In a world where travel bookings are done online, and traveller ratings and reviews make or break opinion, photos play a major role. These photos will become your pictorial voice and speak a lot about the interior beauty of the place, the curb appeal, the neatness, the aesthetics and more — in this way, photos attract travellers. You also need pictures for your website, other travel sites, and Social Media accounts. To get these beautifully clicked photos, always hire the best photographer, one who can carry out the task of Interior Design Photography brilliantly. Andy Gore Photography has got a team of photographers with this magical skill and tons of experience in clicking some breath-taking images. These pictures highlight the best aspects of your hotel and make it look glamorous and inviting.

 2. Social media marketing — Marketing through social media is in trend. You don’t have to invest much, and in turn you tend to get maximum reach and brand exposure. It’s the best way to get your hotel highlighted. You just have to create a page dedicated to your hotel, highlight the important aspects of it (which you would love your followers to know) and start putting up great pictures that you got clicked by the photographer. You can also have those testimonials up for people to read. And never forget to connect your hotel website and email ID on your profiles to help prospective clients connect with you directly and easily when they want to get a booking done or a query answered. And speaking of answering, ensure your Social Media account is interactive. No replies and stagnant pages fade out interest and consequently business opportunities.  

 3. Website — A website is always important for a hotel. You just can’t have your hundreds of guests get their bookings done over the phone. Especially because of the fact that in the global market scenario, if you want to become a player, you have to keep in mind the time zones and conveniences (or inconveniences) thereof. Apart from good photos, description and user-friendly interface, make sure your site is mobile friendly too (for this is an age of smartphones – and people browse more from phones than from computers!). Also, remember to incorporate the available deals, discounts and offers.

4. Blogs — Nowadays blogs are replacing newspaper articles and ads. It’s easier for a reader to open up a site and stay updated – since we are almost always ‘online’. That’s why getting some blogs published about your services and describing your property attractively does the magic. You can invite some bloggers (or Social Media influencers) for an exciting trip and have them review your hotel or just promote your property in their blogs or through their Social Media handles.

 5. Discounts and giveaways — Who doesn’t love discounts, and who can ignore a giveaway? These both strategies work excellently for any kind of business marketing. Search engines and online travel sites are proof that travellers are always looking for deals and discounts. And when you host giveaways on your website or social media channel, you get a lot of people participating in it. This in turn brings in a lot of fame and business to your hotel. The more tempting your offer is, the more attractive your property becomes for the guests!

These are some of the easiest marketing strategies that’ll always benefit your hotel. You could actually get a huge rush of guests ready to try out your services if you know how to strategize your marketing properly. Because if you plan the marketing better, you gain better!


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